My original works hang in private collections from Maine to Montana. I have participated in many local shows in the Newburyport area and studied of watercolor painting with famous instructors in Florida, New Mexico, and Cape Ann.  Landscapes of the local coastline are a specialty.  My painting of the Newbury marsh was chosen as the cover piece for the Newbury Town Report for 2006.

For house portrait ideas, please contact me.
Quaint Cape in Maine
The Paint Box Studio
​Class Information
Blue Iris

week #1 --  introductions mixing colors
  explanation of your equipment, dabbling, paint application
  start the puzzle piece

week #2 --  finish and discuss puzzle piece 
  demonstrate washes and practice
  start pears

week #3 --  finish pears if needed, discuss washes and values, etc.

week #4 --  landscape painting
  discussion of planning a painting and how to start

week #5 --  sailboats on the lake

week #6 --  floral paintings

Supply List
Quality supplies are essential for success. It might be a bit expensive at first but quality equipment will last a lifetime. I still use a brush I bought about 35 years ago.

I suggest you shop with one if the internet supply houses; Dick Blick is my favorite because of fair prices, extensive inventory, and fast shipping.

Purchase the following:

#10 watercolor brush----round

a small palette with 6 wells ( I see them in the Dollar Store for $1 for a package of 3)!!

watercolor paints: Buy only quality paints such as Winsor-Newton, Cotman, Van Gogh, 
  1 small tube of pure red, 1 tube of ultramarine blue, and 1 tube of transparent yellow

140 # watercolor paper---- best buy is Canson 9 X12 pad. This sells in Walmart for about $6 and will last you for the entire class. You can recognize it by the bright blue cover with black lettering. The exact same thing in Michael's is almost $12.

From around the house find----
2 plastic containers such as cottage cheese bowls. Glass is also acceptable but no metal.

white T-shirt rag (no other fabric)


#2 pencil

small sprayer for water

some kind of a backboard. I use plexiglass and tape my paper to it. If you choose tape it must be that blue painters' tape so as not to damage your paper.

Each week I will send out black-line drawings for the class. Print out the drawing and trace it onto your watercolor paper. If you feel confident free-hand it onto the w/c paper.